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Some pics from the fun concert at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, February 15.

The purple pic is the opening band, All Get Out. They were amazing. I hadn’t heard of them before the show, and their energy and enthusiasm on stage blew me away. You could tell that they genuinely loved playing with each other. And I love that in a band. The album they played the most was All Seasons, and you can download it on iTunes (I highly recommend). When you listen it, just know that they’re even better live.

And for fun. Well, let’s just say: mind blown. I saw fun two years ago when they toured with Panic! At the Disco, didn’t know who they were, and didn’t like anything they played. Seriously, I left during their set and talked to the lead guitarist from Foxy Shazam (another awesome live band). Fun was just so underwhelming.

So when their first single from Some Nights became such a huge hit, I was confused. It didn’t sound anything like the band I heard. Long story short, I became a fun fan and when Amanda asked me to go with her to their concert, I was open to see if they had changed.

And boy, had they changed. 

Instead of being a 3-4 person ensemble, they were a 5 piece. The lead guitarist: you have my heart. When you and the drummer (sorry I don’t know names) started playing the drums together, ugh I lost it. 

And Nate’s voice. It’s for real. He never got tired, never copped out of some lines, never quit jumping around. He looked humbled and floored at the crowd’s reaction, like he couldn’t believe that all these people were here & excited to hear the band perform. And we were: when he mentioned being at the Grammy’s on Sunday, we gave them a 5 minute standing/screaming ovation. 

To sum my experience up: mind blowing. The technical effects were phenomenal. The love of performing and the sheer excitement exhibited by the bands were tangible. Fun has redeemed itself in my book. They are definitely here to stay.

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